Foreign Policy from a Foreign Perspective

Last night’s presidential debates were especially important to me, as they focused on America’s foreign policy.  I think that it was a successful debate for President Obama, and I believe Mitt Romney at least was understood on several opinions.  Mitt Romney revealed, as he debated the details and not the larger issues with President Obama, that his positions are more moderate than what he has sometimes portrayed them as.  Whether or not the debate actually sways voter opinion remains to be seen.

I am awaiting the elections nervously.  It is frustrating to me that I turn 18 two months after the election: I feel that I am informed and objective enough to vote more responsibly than some of my peers who are already ‘of age.’   C’est la vie!   At least I’ll be an adult when inauguration rolls around.  I am looking forward to having a say in my government, regardless of its imperfections.  I am ready to become an active member in American society and I am excited that I will soon have the advantages (and less excited for the responsibilities…) which come with being an adult.  I will have a say (however small it may be) in my town’s, my state’s, and my country’s government.

My nervous and excited countdown to the election has begun.  Fourteen days until November 6th, and fifteen until I wake up at the pleasant morning hour of 4 am to read the results!  Let’s get this show on the road.  I’m ready.


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  1. You’re not voting age yet, but you can e-mail and blog any voting age friends to make sure they get involved, AND to make sure they are thinking about some of the same things you are thinking about. This election will be very close, and if you can persuade even one or two friends to vote a certain way, it will help.

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