Marijin Dvor

Marijin Dvor is another neighborhood of Sarajevo. Close to the city center, it is known for its Austro-Hungarian architecture. It has seen a lot of development since this time- it is home to the Holiday Inn, where journalists stayed during the war, the Unitic Towers, and Parliament. During the war, it became a well-known district; its main street was nicknamed “Sniper Alley.”  Today it is undergoing reconstruction and upkeep. Some of the buildings have not yet been repaired from the war, but many are in progress. It’s one of the up-and-coming business and commercial retail districts in Sarajevo.


One of the busier roads in Sarajevo runs through this neighborhood. Although the details on some of the buildings are in disrepair, they are still very beautiful.


Note the satellite dish.


Contrast between one building which was completely destroyed during the war and another still-functioning building.


The orderly rows of Austro-Hungarian buildings in Marijin Dvor.


Details on one of the buildings


Bullet holes



  1. Keira · · Reply

    Hi Anna,
    I just found your blog, and have really enjoyed reading it. I am thinking about becoming an exchange student, and it was great to read about your adventures. You have a great writing style, and I love the many pictures and insights into the Bosnian culture. I look forward to reading the conclusion of your adventure! :)

  2. There is a little walk-down restaurant in Marindvor near the Maghribija dzamija (so named because it used to mark the western edge of town). It has the best becka snicla in town and they serve it with ajvar, which is dynamite. Well. If its still there…

    1. Yummmmm… I’ll go check it out :)

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