Warning: I am from Wisconsin

Today Savannah, Helena and I hiked to Skakavac Waterfall.  Originally we’d hoped more of our friends could have joined us, but it didn’t work out in their schedules.  It was actually quite the adventure; we took a minibus to the village of Nahorevo, then hiked about 10 km (or around 6.2 miles) uphill to the waterfall, ate lunch, and hiked 10 km downhill to catch the bus back to Sarajevo then catch the trolleybus home.  It was awesome and exhausting.  The views were stunning, the hills were dreadful, the casual donkey or two was an interesting distraction, and the waterfall was very beautiful.  I also learned that my background is NOT the same as Helena’s or Savannah’s.  Actually, this lesson was pounded into me every time I started a story and they gave me bewildered looks and burst out laughing.

For instance, I brought up the story about a chihuahua being eaten by a musky then had to explain that a “musky” is short for “Muskellunge,” which is a really big fish.  It killed the story.  When we saw a fountain that drew water from the mountain, I commented that it was like the hand-pumped water wells at rest stops along highways.  “You know, at the ones with outhouses.”  Strike two.  For some reason, I didn’t think the next time I opened my mouth, either.  We were breaking for lunch, and we heard accordion music.  “Do you guys know how to polka?”  I asked.  Suddenly I realized that my thoughts had left my brain via my mouth and that they were giving me that look again.  This time it actually hurt to laugh because we were so tired from walking.

Over the course of 20 km, I managed to take about 100 pictures.  Here are a few I’ve selected to share with y’all!



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  2. I understand someone from Arizona not knowing about muskies (which are a kind of pike, actually) and polkas, but from Ann Arbor? And who doesn’t know about rest area pumps? People need to get out more!

    1. …Says the man from Michigan and Wisconsin.

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