It’s been a while. At this point, I’ve been back in the U.S.A. for slightly over two weeks, and in my hometown for exactly two weeks. It’s normal, and disorienting to be home. Wausau is almost the same town as when I left it, with subtle developments in a few business districts and residential suburbs. […]

I’ve mentioned the views in Sarajevo about once every other post. Seen as this will probably be one of the last pictures I take of this beautiful city (for now, at least), I thought it would be worth it to post. Today was very smoggy, but that doesn’t stop the city from being any less […]

Marijin Dvor is another neighborhood of Sarajevo. Close to the city center, it is known for its Austro-Hungarian architecture. It has seen a lot of development since this time- it is home to the Holiday Inn, where journalists stayed during the war, the Unitic Towers, and Parliament. During the war, it became a well-known district; […]

With 15 days remaining in Bosnia, I decided to make a list of the 15 things I will miss the most. 1. The people. My host family, my friends, my random encounters with Bosnian strangers, the confused tourists I’ve helped, the pushy passengers on the tram, and everybody else 2. The views. Sarajevo is an […]

Although I have mentioned it on my blog before, I have never posted pictures with the intention of highlighting the different architectural styles in Sarajevo. I’m not sure why, because Sarajevo has really interesting architecture from a wide range of eras. Today, I went out to “Novi Grad,” a municipality of Sarajevo that is on […]

I had the incredible opportunity to spend a few days in Dubrovnik, Croatia, this past week. Prvi Maj (May 1st) is a big holiday in Bosnia, and celebrates International Worker’s Day. We had no school from Wednesday to Friday, and so we traveled with our friend Katie’s mom to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city […]

Our history teacher decided to take our class to the small but beautiful town of Konjic, about an hour from Sarajevo, to see Tito’s nuclear bunker. Yes, the Cold War existed in Yugoslavia. Based on the size of this bunker, it was a pretty relevant issue. The bunker was actually never visited by Tito, who […]

This past weekend we had the amazing experience of traveling to the town of Bihać in northwestern Bosnia and to Plitvička Lakes National Park in Croatia. Here’s a map just for reference. Bihać is in the top left corner, and Plitvice is just across the border. We (the Americans plus our coordinators Selma and Luljeta) […]

As of two days ago, I have two months remaining in Bosnia. I leave Sarajevo early on June 10th, and then fly into good ole Minneapolis-St. Paul International on the evening of the 11th. Somewhere in there we have a return orientation in DC and a presentation to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs […]

Public transportation strikes can be a bit of a pain. Ours is still going on, although they’ve set an ultimatum to go back to work on the 17th if they aren’t paid. From what I understood by watching the news, the company needs about 50,000 km (about 30,000 USD) to pay all its workers for […]

We had a GRAS (public transportation system) strike today, and so Savannah walked over to my house and we made banana pancakes before we walked to our afternoon classes. Great morning!

Recently, Savannah and I took a long walk/hike up the hill she lives on to the radio tower on top, then back down the other side and over some other hills and through a tunnel to our Bosnian class. Here are the pictures! Enjoy :)

This post has been a long time coming. Among other things, I got sick for about a week and wasn’t able to blog, and I also wanted to take care with my tone when writing this post.  On March eighth, Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrates the holiday of International Women’s Day. The holiday’s origins are from […]

It’s been a while since my last post… 19 days, to be exact, and that post didn’t actually provide much insight to what’s been going on in my life. I apologize for that, but things get rather busy and it’s actually rather nice to say, “I didn’t have time to use the computer,” in this […]

Some time ago, Savannah and I embarked on a photography project that aimed to show the progress made in reconstruction here since the war.  We found the locations where photographs had been taken during the war, then took our own photos as close to the same spot as we could.  Some pictures differ slightly in […]