Novi Grad

Although I have mentioned it on my blog before, I have never posted pictures with the intention of highlighting the different architectural styles in Sarajevo. I’m not sure why, because Sarajevo has really interesting architecture from a wide range of eras. Today, I went out to “Novi Grad,” a municipality of Sarajevo that is on the western side of the city. Helena and Emma live here, in the neighborhoods of Alipašino and Dobrinja. This area of Sarajevo was constructed in the 1970’s, when the city was experiencing huge industrial expansion. Almost all of it consists of Communist-style apartment blocks, with small stores and cafes on the ground floors of the buildings. The sheer scale of these neighborhoods is impressive, with about 130,000 people living in Novi Grad alone.


This is looking east from the neighborhood of Čengić Vila, not too far from where I live


Several blocks of flats in Alipašino.


A grassy area on a hill in Alipašino


Many of the apartment blocks are built in a square, around either a park or a small paved square, creating a nice sense of community.



A mosque, in front of orange apartment blocks, in Alipašino.



  1. Are these developments in distinct areas of the city, pretty well defined, or did random blocks of older buildings get knocked down wherever authorities deemed a new set of flats necessary?

  2. They’re in very distinct areas, all built west of Old Town. Novi Grad literally translates as “New Town,” in addition to Novo Sarajevo (where I live), which means “New Sarajevo.” You can see this on the map in the link here:

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