Pictures of the Snow

Since my last post, it snowed quite a bit.  Here are my pictures, as promised!



  1. Good photography. We have sun and 32 today. Snow melting. Love Grandma

  2. Helen Roberts · · Reply

    Spectacular pictures, Anna! Your photography helps me to see the beauty in snow, rather than to dread the inconvenience of it. Your wonderful, insightful posts remind me of something the author Barbara Brown Taylor wrote in one of her books, about becoming a stranger, or going to uncharted territory:
    “Leaving their established paths, they discover neighbors they never knew they had. More important, they go as guests, not hosts, so that they are in a better position to notice the kindness of strangers. The students who elect longer trips overseas come back changed for good. Having gotten lots in Dublin, Madrid, or Cairo, they come home both stronger at the edges and softer at the center.”
    Thanks for the vicarious experiences!

  3. Jason Sinz · · Reply

    Fantastic stuff, Anna. Congratulations on being admitted to Beloit and other colleges that you expressed a high interest in; the combination of your blog and those dear friends at West that regularly communicate with you keep me up-to-date on your adventures abroad and the joys of things happening in the States for you, too. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. Lieselotte · · Reply

    Ah yes your wonderful endeavors captured on camera. :) How jealous i am of you, Anna, that you are able to experience all of these wonderful things. The atmosphere there just seems so different and im happy that we are able to stay in contact and chat about all of your adventures/stories. p.s- Love the pictures as always <3

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