Let It Snow!

I love the snow.  It has always been a part of who I am, and I look forward to the first snowfall each winter.  There’s something about the way it muffles the harshness of noise, and the way it lightens and highlights the most beautiful features of even the ugliest buildings.  I love how it freshens the air, and how it brings a sense of renewal and birth.  Some people think of winter as dark, dreary, and gloomy, but to me the snow represents new life, another chance, and a fresh palette to paint your own colors as you wish.

Maybe part of the reason I love snow is that I was born in a humongous snow storm, and perhaps I like the winter because I like to obstinate.  My mom calls it the “salmon mentality,” where I always feel the need to swim upstream unlike the normal fish who learn to go with the flow.  I’m convinced there are other reasons, though.  The way snow beautifies the world is magical, and the way it transforms my surroundings never fails to surprise me.

The reason that I am raving about the snow is that this week marks the first snowfalls of the season.  Even though it hasn’t stuck in the city, the hills and mountains surrounding Sarajevo are covered in the stuff.  “It looks like Narnia!” I said to Savannah, jumping from a mixture of cold and excitement.  “Gr-rr-rr-eat,” she responded, shivering.  I guess I need to work on curbing my enthusiasm around my desert friend.  I am sure I would feel the same in the Arizona summer, and I’m hoping to visit her sometime when we are back in the states; that will certainly be payback time for her!

I’ll post photos of the snow tomorrow- I opted to carry my textbooks instead of my camera to school today.


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  1. Grandma · · Reply

    You write beautifully and your appreciation of snow is aawesome. However, your Grandfather, who also has a salmon mentality, has a different view. No doubt it comes from having to fire up the snow blower or grabbing the shovel to remove those brillliant crystals from sidewalks and driveway where they are not welcome.

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