Photography Project #1

Some days, I have nothing to do.  That is, nothing that I need to do.  On wonderful, blessed days like this, I take out my camera and practice some skill I’ve read about or know that I need to learn.  Today, because it was a beautiful, cloudy, evenly-shaded day, I decided to work on color composition in photographs.  Every picture that I took had to have a specific color or color palette, something that is more difficult than I first thought it would be.  However, living in a neighborhood with brightly-painted apartment blocks made my job a little easier.

Unfortunately, the cloudy skies that had originally made the day so attractive for photography eventually gave way to raindrops, and so I had to end my little adventure and head back home.  Here are my results (no edits).

I threw in some pictures of pigeons at the end.  They were eating bread and occasionally flying around to find more food.

All images were shot with a Nikon D3000 and 35mm lens.  Aperture almost always f/5, shutter speeds vary.


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