Happy Statehood Day

Happy holidays!  No, not Thanksgiving, because that’s passed.  And it’s certainly not Christmas yet.  At least in Bosnia, it is determinedly November.  This weekend marked the commemoration of “Statehood Day” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, not to be confused with Independence Day.  As with many things in Bosnia, the politics get a little bit sticky and so I won’t go too far into depth.  Very, very simply stated, on 25 November 1943 the Anti-Fascist Council of the People’s Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed, under the Yugoslav State.  At the meeting where the council was formed, Bosnia and Herzegovina was declared a federation of equal peoples.  Technically.  Later on, the communist movement gathered a lot of momentum in Yugoslavia and BOOM: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia (including Kosovo and Vojvodina), Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia were now joined under the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia.  Of course, these regions/nations were joined prior to this under Democratic Federal Yugoslavia, and before this under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.  How was that for a brief, confusing history lesson?  Overall, we can conclude that I wouldn’t be a very tactful diplomat, because I never know which facts are considered “controversial” or “contested,” and so I just leave out most of the facts.

In any case, I didn’t have school this Monday!  I spent my day off by starting to walk to Vrelo Bosne Park with my friend Amila.  However, the walk is 3 km each way.  We decided about halfway through that the scenery was lovely and that we didn’t need to walk all the way to the park to enjoy the colored leaves and the idyllic landscape.  We idly turned around and took the tram into the city for coffee, then just chilled for the rest of the day.

I’m still ridiculously psyched about my Hamline acceptance, and that keeps me going through the day if other things get me down.  Well, that and MIKA’s upbeat songs that I dance around to like a crazy person.  Here is my daily feel-good playlist, along with a shout-out to Savannah Wooten for reminding me of how much I love songs like this, and for reminding me who MIKA was.

Enjoy some feel-good songs!




  1. Helen Roberts · · Reply

    You just delight me with your writing! I learn a lot, besides! I’m always glad to find another post, no matter what subject you tackle!

  2. Thanks so much, Mrs. Roberts! I’m glad you enjoy it :)

  3. Dear daughter–
    Great post, especially the history lesson, but I am LOL at your playlist. Mr. Blue Skies? Rosanna? In what decade were you born?

    1. Dear Daddy-
      I blame you and my brothers! And besides, it’s “Mr. Blue SKY.” In what decade were you born?

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