Package from Home

I always push my addiction to goldfish and candy corn out of my mind.  However, when my parents spontaneously decide to send me a “care” package, I become overjoyed and indulge myself.  Yesterday evening I received a note which stated that I had to pick up a package at the post office, and so today I went on an adventure.  There was a lot of confusion, and the glass barrier between the postal worker and me didn’t help, but eventually I figured out that I had to get a form from him, walk to another area in the post office and pay the small tax/fee/duty for my package, get my receipt stamped by another woman, and then go back to the first man and show him my stamped receipt.  It was remarkably indirect and I was thoroughly befuddled.  However, I worked my way through and the package was absolutely worth it.  Thank you, Mommy and Daddy!

My care package! I don’t know how my parents knew I would want colored sharpies.


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  1. Katherine Wright · · Reply

    Anything for you, dear…Well, almost anything. I love you, Mom

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