Uncle Sam Says…

Today’s election day, followed by the awful anticipation of election night.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to vote.  The privilege of having a say in how your country is governed is something more often seen as a right: the right to vote.  However, in the context of today’s world, it is a luxury to live in a nation where the politicians are not elected by bribery and are held accountable for their actions.  Although the U.S. government does have many inefficiencies and quite a few flaws, it serves its purpose and has done so for many, many years.  So whether you support Mitt Romney, President Obama, Ron Paul, another candidate or even just want anarchy, VOTE.  Pick the candidate you would be happiest with, because one of them will be your president come January 20th.  You have the ability to make a change in your government!  It’s not just about the presidency: it’s also about Congress.  Who will represent your state in the Senate?  In the House?  It is crucial that your choice be represented, so please choose to vote (after informing yourself about the candidates, that is).  I’ll even sling some propaganda at you.  I think this picture influenced the public opinion at one time or another, and they say that history repeats itself!  Now go enjoy yourself at the polls.


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