“So, like, what do you do on the weekends?”

I was Skyping with my friend Mark last night and kept getting questions about what I do in a normal day.  I realized that in all honesty, nobody really knows what my day-to-day life really is like.  I post about the fun things, the exciting things, the things that make an impression on me, and anything else I feel is important enough to share.  However, I never really considered my daily (non-)routine important enough to blog about.  So if you’re burning to know what I do all day, erreday (cijeli dan, svaki dan), then here goes.  Are you ready for this?  Are on the edge of your seat, consumed by an insatiable curiosity?  You should be.  This stuff is riveting.

Tuesdays: double-chin of exhaustion.

On a typical weekday, I have four to six classes of school.  I won’t confuse you with the schedule that still confuses me, but an example of this is that on every other Monday I have three history classes starting at 12:45, followed by a class of English.  Tuesdays are awful: straight classes from 9:40 am until 5:50 pm.  However, on Thursdays I have two classes German at 9:40, and then I have nothing until 5:05 when I have two classes of history.  Fun stuff, right?

The next question which I know you’re dying to ask me is, “What do you do in between those classes?  You know, when you have five hours of break.”  It depends.  On days when my breaks are two hours or less, I don’t have enough time to ride the trolleybus home so I will go with friends to a cafe, walk around the city, loaf around in a park, work on college applications at the nearby library (BUT now they’re all submitted!  It’s just down to scholarship applications now!), or I sometimes bring my Frisbee to toss around (and if people are in the mood, Ultimate is always a possibility!).  There’s a lot of just not doing too much.

during a break between classes…

“But… don’t you have homework?”  Well, not exactly.  It’s not the way I used to think of homework, where after every class you’d have to complete a worksheet or a set of problems.  We do get assignments, but those are the really important, really big assignments.  For instance, I have an essay due soon in history that’s supposed to be 2000 words.  We’re expected to read certain things and remember the previous lessons (I’m now accustomed to hearing things like, “America.  Define population density and give me an example of a country with a low population density and a country with a high population density.”)  However, I’m getting the feeling from my teachers that we will soon be walloped with huge tests and projects throughout November and December.

“So, what do you do on the weekends?”  Well, on Saturdays I volunteer at the orphanage in the morning, then I have a Bosnian lesson, and then I typically have a cello lesson.  If I still have enough energy at the end of the day, I’ll go out with friends.  Otherwise I go home, eat, and sleep.  Sunday tends to be my one day where I have nothing scheduled.  Therefore, I use it to do homework or go on adventures.  I’m actually going to Mostar tomorrow with the rest of SHAKE.  We need to be at the train station by 6:30 am! Woot woot!

In conclusion, my life is awesome.  It’s not as glamorous or exciting or adventurous or fun-filled as you may believe, but it’s still really busy.  If I’m not doing something, I either choose to go do something enjoyable, to study Bosnian, or to cuddle up in my blankets and sleep.  And if I’m not doing any of those things, I update my blog.



  1. Dylan wright · · Reply

    Did you think you would find a school with a schedule more confusing than West?

    1. Never. Bosnia: shock and awe.

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