The Problem with Online Applications

The Internet is a marvel.  It makes it possible for me to maintain contact with friends and family 5,000 miles away.  However, it makes it almost impossible to concentrate when I am deciding my future online (in other words, filling out my college applications).  I know, somewhere deep, deep down, that this really matters, that I need to focus absolutely on my application, and that I shouldn’t – Oh look, NEW TAB!   Wow, Wausau’s got a new curling club!  And imagine that, my parents have started putting in the floorboards in our living room!  And look at this new doohickey that WordPress just  – shoot.  I just wasted thirty minutes of my life, and avoided writing my Common Application essay.

I have somehow persevered and managed to finish everything except this essay: I’m done with all of my supplements, my nit-picky forms, and other time-intensive information.  I’ve even researched various scholarships and created a list with each application deadline.  My only problem is the essay.  I think I have an aversion to writing 500 words about one specific instance which is supposed to display the Essence of Anna.   Whenever I think about it, my brain numbs, my tongue feels fuzzy and my eyes start to close.  However, this weekend, with a little help from Dire Straits, I will power through brainstorming, topic selecting, writing (which is the easiest step, in my opinion), editing, revising, and finalizing my essay!

Maybe I’ll write it on the benefits of procrastination.



  1. Hooray for Dire Straits! Anna, the problem used to be Frisbee. Or softball. Or pizza. Just that they didn’t pop up on your typewriter, unless your friends walked in and set them there, which they sometimes did. Pizza could really make a mess of a paper.

  2. Grandma · · Reply

    Back from Wisconsin. Indeed the floor has been started in ht living room. It looks like a tremendous job and one you wouldd not be anxious to be part of. But will be lovely when done. You Mom and Dad look great. As for your essay you can do it. You are a good writer so do not delay.

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