Does that ‘A’ Mean that I Can Speak Bosnian?

Over the past few hours, my brain has been steadily imploding.  College applications are surprisingly brutal.  Obviously, I enjoy coming home from several hours of language class in order to sit on the computer for more hours and squeeze what little brain juice is left in this head into an electronic form which makes very little sense.  And as much fun as that is, it’s definitely time to wrap things up for the week.  Tonight Dire Straights has helped me complete more than I thought was possible, which compensates for ignoring my future plans these past few weeks.

Today was the last day of Bosnian language learning.  Now I have been spat out into the dog-eat-dog world of people who speak at rapid-fire pace and don’t pantomime or repeat themselves.  It’s incredibly exciting, because I’m hoping that I will be able to speak like them by the end of the year.  Step one?  Order ice cream in Bosnian!  “Mogu li imam…jedan…(hold up one finger)…čokoladu?”  (Receive confused look from konobar)
“So, one scoop of chocolate?” (Darn it.  They speak English.)
“Jedan mark.”
Success!  They said something in Bosnian that I understood.  Look out, world.
But wait, I have more exciting news!  As you now know, today was my last day of BCS class before school starts.  Therefore, we were tested on our knowledge AND I PASSED.

The proudest I have ever been of a test


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