“Tunnel of Hope”

Today we went to the “Tunnel of Hope,” the only connection Sarajevo had with the outside world during the war- 800 meters long, 1 meter wide, and 1.6 meters tall.  Now only 20 meters remain, because the rest collapsed.  It ran from Dobrinja under the airport to the basement of the Kolar family home.  Volunteers made the journey thousands of times to bring food, supplies and weapons for Sarajevo.  Most people had to carry their packs on their backs, sometimes weighing more than they did.  Others escaped through the tunnel and became refugees.  It was risky on both sides; Dobrinja was a neighborhood that was almost completely destroyed during the war, and the exit was on the front line for the Serbs.  I don’t think I can explain it very well, so here is an article from BBC News, written in 2001.


The Kolar house, now a museum

Entrance to tunnel

entrance to the tunnel

Emma walking through the remaining segment of the tunnel.


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