It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Today as I was riding home the trolley bus from my language class (4 hours long), it started to rain.  This was a very welcome change, because it had been atrociously hot, and when we were sitting in class (they don’t have a lot of air conditioning here) it was hot enough to create a healthy sweat.  The clouds cooled down the city very nicely, although the sky roof on the trolley bus was dripping water onto all of the passengers.  When I got off the bus it began to rain with purpose.  My sad attempt at a makeshift umbrella was putting my laminated folder over my head and hoping it didn’t leak into my notes.  Needless to say, it was not very effective.

As I walked quickly along the sidewalk, I felt rather silly and unprepared.  I looked to my left and out of one of the apartment complexes walked a man with a plastic bag on his shaved head.  It was the most innovative thing I have seen in the past few days.  He looked at my folder and drenched hair, clothes and shoes as I checked out his makeshift umbrella.  It was one of those moments that needs no words.  I laughed and pointed at his head then mine, and he smiled and said something very fast in Bosnian that I did not understand.  I think he offered me the extra bag he was carrying.  I just waved and kept walking, but it was nice to know that human creativity is understood across cultures.  And tomorrow, I will remember my umbrella.

I know I will remember it because it is still storming.  I just heard the loudest boom/crack of thunder in my life, and I may have gently tossed my laptop across the couch.  For fear of electricution, I will say laku noć!


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