Day 2. Wait, Day 1? 3? 17?

Things are a bit of a blur, and I just practiced my Bosnian with a cat.  She probably understood more than me.  Today we had three hours of Bosnian, several walks, my first trolley ride, the ARRIVAL OF MY SUITCASES (which means my first wardrobe change in three days, hvala!), and much, much more.

The suitcases are here at long last!

Today my host mom and I woke up and took the trolleybus (which runs on electricity) to the American Councils office.  However, we were 15 minutes early and so we decided to walk to the nearby cafe and have kafu (coffee) and juice.  When we returned everyone was there and our meeting began.  Then SHAKE (minus Savannah) walked to our new school, Druga Gimnazija, and met our IB coordinator.  Nice and uneventful.  For those of you still attending Wausau West, get jealous: my school has windows.  In.  Every.  Classroom.  Oh yeah.

The front of my new school, Druga Gimnazija

Then it was back to the offices for lunch and back to the school for Bosanska then back to the offices to take the trolley bus home.  May I just say, I found my way home from the bus stop all by myself?  (My mum asked if I was in scouts because “I have good orientation.”  Thank you, visual memory skills)

For dinner my new sister and brother-in-law (I think I spell her name Dejana?) came over and we had a nice time talking to them.  I love my new family, they take such good care of me already!  Oh, and for my mother: we had veal with curry and palenta (that corn thing) and salad.  The food is fresh and tasty here.  And yes, it is local.

I will try to upload some pictures with the battery I have left, but every time I plug in anything I break the fuse for upstairs, so we’ll see what happens!

Right now I am listening to the call to prayer from the nearby Mosque, just another reminder of Sarajevo’s diversity.


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