I now understand the wisdom of packing a day’s supplies in one’s carry-on.  After waiting until the last suitcase had been pulled off of the baggage claim in Sarajevo Airport, I finally realized my luggage had decided to take a more leisurely trek.  Luckily, it is already on its way and will be delivered tomorrow.

After adventures of driving to Appleton airport to catch a different flight, a flight delay in O’Hare, and a tight connection in Dulles, SHAKE (minus Savannah, who is sick) was reunited and flew to Munich where we found coffee, inaccessible wi-fi, and we all took naps.  Emma and I played a card game of ERS, or we at least tried.  It’s not advisable to play a card game requiring speedy reflexes when we didn’t even register the type of card for several seconds. Then we flew to Sarajevo.

I was warmly greeted at the airport by my host mum (but not my suitcases, unfortunately) and we were driven to her lovely house.  Driving’s a little different here- the streets seem too narrow for a row of parking and two lanes of traffic- our driver had his window down and was communicating with the people driving the other way on the street so that we could squeeze by.  My new home is beautiful, I will upload pictures soon. Presently, though, I am too exhausted to even lift my camera.

The shower successfully befuddled me, but at least I saved water.  I’m not sure how to turn on the hot water heater and was too tired to ask, but that will definitely be one of tomorrow’s queries.  The important thing is that I am now clean.

Don’t worry, Mom, I was offered wonderful food.  My host mum made me spinach pie, tomatoes and mozzarella with olive oil and basil from the garden, chicken, and baklava.  I was not very hungry but everything tasted delectable.

Svjetlana’s daughter Dragana and her son-in-law came over to visit before they leave for a seaside vacation and that was very nice, but I was in a daze and mainly just stared around the room and at Mara the cat.  They are wonderful and intriguing people and I am looking forward to spending a year with them.

All in all, everyone I have met has been welcoming and hospitable and has gone out of their way to make me feel at home. My first impression?  This is going to be an incredible year.


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